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From house made of red clay at Jinja, Uganda Uganda is still a very original African country. Far away from big cities, the traditional way of life in Africa is generally still widespread. And in Uganda, 80% of people live in the countryside and earn a living in agriculture.

Tourism is by far not as widespread as, for example, in the well-known neighbouring country of Kenya. That’s why you can enjoy the most exciting sights in Uganda without having to join streams of crowds. Nevertheless, Uganda hopes for a rapid growth in tourism in the coming years. And the expansion of the necessary infrastructure is already in full swing. There are already many hundreds of lodges, apartments and hotels in Uganda. The prices are well below the western level.

Uganda Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

We at would like to introduce you to Ugandan country and people. You will learn the most important facts about landscape and climate, about the history of Uganda as well as politics and the population. In addition, we introduce the main tourist attractions and sights.

  • Uganda is a safe destination for a safari in Africa.
  • Uganda has hundreds of hotels from “cheap” to “luxury”.
  • Uganda has fantastic natural landscapes from tropical heat to glaciers.
  • Uganda offers a variety of animals from mountain gorillas to the butterfly.
  • Uganda is full of art, culture and real African traditions.


The diversity of Uganda is unique and ideal for a safari. Because only in a few countries in the world offers the traveller impressions that range from glaciers to tropical landscapes and deserts to tropical rain forest. Uganda is located on the large Central African Plateau, which stretches from Sudan to South Africa. (29-35 ° east longitude, 1-4 ° south latitude). In the south, the inland is intersected by the equator. Uganda is bordered by the states of Kenya, Tanzania (east, south), Sudan (north), Democratic Republic of the Congo (west) and Rwanda (southwest). The landscapes of Uganda were largely created by intense volcanic activity. In the west, the Central African Rift Valley cuts through the land.

Deeply cut valleys and the towering Virunga volcanoes dominate the landscape here. At the bottom of the valleys, Lake Albert, Lake George and Lake Edward are important destinations for a safari. A must on a safari in Uganda is a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel between Lake George and Lake Edward, bringing the traveller closer to the unique wildlife on the shores. For example, there is the world’s densest population of hippos here. Ruwenzori Mountains in the west of Uganda.

The highest mountains in Uganda are the six peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains (5,109 m) in the west of the country, while in the east Mt. Elgon rises at least 4,321 m. Both mountains are known worldwide for their unique wildlife in the cloud forests of their steep slopes – home of the famous mountain gorillas.

Uganda Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

15% of Uganda’s total area (241,000 km²) are lakes, with Lake Victoria being the largest of them. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,143 meters above sea level and is on average 40 meters deep. Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world (68,800 km²).

About 100 years ago, Lake Victoria was the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world at 6,671 km. Today, however, it is known that the source of the Nile is in the mountains of Rwanda and Burundi.

Nevertheless, the outflow of the Nile from Lake Victoria shapes large parts of the country. Because on its way to the north pronounced marshland and other lakes (Kyoga and Kwania lake) have formed. Towards the north towards Sudan, the land becomes increasingly shallower and drier, so that here savannas and bush landscapes are widespread.

In short: Uganda is the travel destination par excellence, as it offers a variety of landscapes that are hard to find in Africa.

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