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Entebbe was able to make a name for himself because of his botanical garden. Large and varied, it presents itself to visitors from all over the world. Entebbe is also suitable for a beach holiday. After all, here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

The Ugandan city of Entebbe has about 90 500 inhabitants and is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, about 40 km from Kampala, the capital of the country. Of importance is Entebbe for travellers because of its international airport.

The name Entebbe has its origin in the name “Entebbe za Mugala”, which means “Mugala headquarters”. This designation already anticipated that Entebbe would serve as the British administrative centre for Uganda. A real recommendation is the Wildlife Center, where you will learn all about wild animals and tropical plants. Even a walk through the botanical gardens is definitely recommended. And do not forget to relax for an afternoon on the beautiful beaches of Lake Victoria.

You can also take a trip to Ngamba Island to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The boat trip takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

The French missionaries Father Lourdel and Brother Amans recognised the importance of Entebbe. They wrote that “the harbour is big and well protected”. In 1893, Sir Gerald Porter, the highest colonial official, turned Entebbe into the administrative and commercial centre of the British colony. The importance of Entebbe grew when in 1896 the first European steamboat arrived on Lake Victoria, which had been built in Scotland. The ship was inaugurated in 1901 when it reached the Mombasa Port Florence (Kisumi) railway line, enabling travellers from and to the coast to reach Entebbe directly by rail and boat. Within two years Entebbe had outstripped Kampala in importance. Already in 1903 Entebbe had more European inhabitants than Kampala. In 1904, the first hotel, the Equatorial, the predecessor of today’s Lake Victoria Windsor, opened.

Entebbe remained the administrative centre of Uganda until 1962, when Kampala became the country’s capital. Entebbe was the site of a Israeli liberation operation of hostages in 1976. The kidnappers were eight Popular Front terrorists for the liberation of Palestine and two German terrorists.

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